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Just did a final inspection on a new "single family dwelling" as we inspectors call them. This builder was exceptionally good. Joints in their framing were like finish work. The two brothers care about what Code had to say but always worked to exceeded it. This is the first contractor who installed the windows per the manufacturer's installation instructions without me writing them up. They used good subcontractors. The electrician was exceptional and didn't hold up the work. The concrete work for the foundation was done by a caring contractor who had many years of experince and it showed in his work.

The contractor cared about the materials they received from the lumber yard and didn't hesitate to demand the better stuff.

A joint between the countertop and the appliance garage was perfection. I generally see caulk applied in places like that. In this home the joint on both side was tight as could be, perfectly straight and considering the sink came mounted in the countertop I knew the two brothers took much extra care to make it all fit just perfectly.

These guys pay their bills on time too. They are polite, never heard any crude language out of them, they were always neat, kept the mess to a minimum, and built the home like they were building it for their mother and father.

I can honestly say that in 15 years of doing inspections I've only run across one other contractor that did such fine work.

So if you aren't in a big hurry (fine wine takes time) live near the EauClaire / Chippewa Falls area and want to maximize the quality in your new home and minimize the headaches look up Schumacher Brothers Construction out on County Road F.

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Schumacher Brothers were extremely helpful to work with. Their costs were fair and we received great value for our money. Their attention to detail and our interests rewarded us with a beautiful, well constructed, comfortable home. We highly recommend them and would certainly have them build another home for us.

Jim & Pat Klabough

Thank you so much for a beautiful house! Your craftsmanship is outstanding!! We had a lot of fun working with you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mark & Sue Shellfeffer

We were looking for a builder who would be on site everyday to ensure quality workmanship. We received excellent craftsmanship from people that take pride and stand behind their work. They would be the first people we would call on any future building project.

Ron & Cheryl Cramer

There are several reasons which motivate us to write this letter, but the underlying message is that we are very pleased with how our new home turned out, as well as extremely satisfied with how the building process was handled throughout. The intent of this letter is to point out a couple of key areas we felt Schumacher Brothers exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond.

The craftsmanship and detail of our home was something the Schumacher Brothers took pride in and the end result shows. In addition, the cleanliness and organization of the job site was impeccable. Most days we would walk through our home during its construction and note it being swept up and cleaned almost nightly. This is in stark contrast to many job sites we have encountered.

We recall many instances where we had an idea that Dave would take it into consideration, pointing out both the advantages and disadvantages which helped us to decide if the change or idea really fit with our new home. In an effort to help us achieve the home we wanted he would, at times, suggest other ways of accomplishing a similar result. There are several areas of our home that, to this day, are spectacular only because of the vision and foresight of the builder during the building process.

In talking with the subcontractors and various people working on our home, the common theme was everyone enjoyed working with Schumacher Brothers because of their preciseness in building such a square home. All of the subcontractors we encountered spoke very highly of the quality craftsmanship and the beautiful homes they build.

Knowing many other people who have experienced the process of building a new home and having varying degrees of satisfaction, we feel very confident in giving Schumacher Brothers the highest recommendation. We are very fortunate to have chosen such a quality builder, making an extensive, complex, and often nerve-racking process go very smoothly and with few worries.

Thank you for making our dream home a reality.

Brandon & Emily Riechers

Schumacher Brothers Construction are top notch, hands on, builders. Quality workmanship and their openness to any changes or ideas we had made our homebuilding a totally pleasant and fun experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to have them build again for us.

Leroy & Jan Titera

Thanks for a job well done! We appreciate your patience, professionalism, and expertise. Please include us on your list of very satisfied customers. We already have, and will not hesitate to recommend Schumacher Brothers Construction to our friends and family!

Steve & Sandy Hanson

Thanks again for building us such an awesome home. We love it! You guys know your stuff!

John & Laura Warrick

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